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SAKAECard Privilege
- 5% SP for spending below RM 60
- 50% SP for one bill during birthday month
- Exclusive member promotion
- Promotion updates via e-newsletter & SMS
- Promotion updates via e-newsletter & SMS
- 1 Sakae Point = RM 1
- 10% SP for spending of RM 60 and above
- Free renewal for annual spending above RM 1000
How to perform First Time Login?
  1. Go to

  2. First time long in username & password:

        Username: Your NRIC without dash

        Password: Your SAKAECard no. (e.g., 0100007758)

  1. Select Personal Details

  2. Find Portal Login Password and click on “Change Password”

  3. Fill in your Current Password & New Password, then click Submit

  4. You are done. Log in to start using the Member Portal!

SAKAECard Membership

1) Definition:

  • “Application” – SAKAECard’s application form for the Card to be issued on these terms and conditions.

  • “Card” – SAKAE Membership Card issued on these terms and conditions.

  • “Card Transaction” – A transaction affected by using the card.

  • “Sakae Sushi” – A flagship brand of Sakae Holdings Ltd.

  • “Outlets” – The Sakae Sushi outlets that acknowledge the use of SAKAECard Malaysia.

  • “SP” – (1 Sakae Point = RM 1.00) may be subject to change from time to time as determined by Apex-Pal (M) Sdn. Bhd.

  • “We, us, our, The Management” – Apex-Pal (M) Sdn. Bhd. (634333-X).

  • “You, your, member” – The person who signed the application and/or whose name appears on the card.


2) Application of Card:

  • Application fee is RM20 and member will receive 10 Welcome Points upon successful application.

  • Each person is only allowed to have ONE (1) SAKAECard at any given time.

  • Applicant must be aged 12 years and above.

  • Applicant will be entitled to all member benefits immediately after activation of Card.

  • Application without the compulsory information duly complete will not be processed.


3) Usage of Card:

  • By receiving, acknowledging or using the Card, member is deemed to have read, understood, accepted and be bound by all the terms and conditions of the Card herein.

  • Member must ensure that the Card is not used for any illegal Card Transaction.

  • The Card may only be used to affect Card Transactions during its validity period.

  • Member is required to present the physical Card at all times to the cashier upon payment for reward or redemption of SP and benefits.

  • The reward or redemption of SP is valid at all Sakae Sushi outlets in Malaysia only.


4) Reward of Sakae Points (SP):

  • All SP reward is given based on total bill before service charge & prevailing government tax and excludes any discounts or promotional items.

  • Bill Reward:

    • 5% SP reward for bills below RM60 in a single receipt.

    • 10% SP reward for bills RM60 and above in a single receipt.

  • Birthday Privilege: 50% SP reward for one bill during member’s birthday month.

  • Birthday Privilege is valid only during the month of actual birthday i.e. if member’s birthdate is 3 March, birthday reward is valid for 1 time usage between 1 – 31 March only.

  • Member is required to notify cashier to collect the Birthday Privilege before payment.

  • SP are issued after payment and can only be redeemed during next visit.

  • SP are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

  • The Card benefit is not applicable for purchase of cash vouchers, sushi workshop, catering and delivery. It is also not valid for prevailing offers and promotions unless otherwise stated.


5) Redemption of Sakae Points (SP):

  • 1 SP can be used to offset RM1 from the bill based on first-in-first-out basis.

  • Member is required to notify cashier to redeem the SP before payment.

  • Redemption of SP must be made in full: no partial redemption is allowed.

  • SP cannot be redeemed once the membership has expired.


6) Checking Sakae Points (SP):

  • All SP accumulated are shown on the receipt each time member makes a purchase from Sakae Sushi. Member may also visit SAKAECard Member Portal to check SP details.


7) Sakae Points (SP) Variations:

  • Old Points: SP earned under old member system

  • Welcome Points: SP earned upon successful application / renewal

  • Fresh Points: SP earned under new member system

  • Inactive Points: SP that fall into 3 months grace period


8) Expiry of Sakae Points (SP):

  • Old Points: valid for 12 months from current expiry date / renewal date

  • Welcome Points: valid for 3 months from date of application / renewal

  • Fresh Points: valid as per membership validity, after which will turn into Inactive Points

  • Inactive Points: valid for 3 months, after which will be forfeited


9) Renewals:

  • Renewal can be done at any Sakae Sushi outlet in Malaysia.

  • Yearly renewal fee is RM20 and member will receive 10 Welcome Points upon every successful yearly renewal.

  • Upon renewal of the Card, expiry date is extended 1 year from current expiry date and SP from previous membership cycle will turn into Inactive Points.

  • Free auto renewal and 10 SP will be given to members who have accumulated a minimum spend of RM1,000 within a period of 12 months before card expiry date. Eligibility for auto renewal and free SP will only be calculated and awarded during the card expiry month.


10) Expiry and Termination:

  • The Card membership will expire 1 year from application / renewal on the last day of the month. e.g. membership activated on 20 May 2017 will expire 31 May 2018.

  • The Management reserves the right to terminate the Card for any suspected breach of terms and conditions contained herein or negligent or fraudulent transaction.


11) Non-transferable:

  • The card is neither transferable nor assignable. The outlet staff reserves the right to request members to provide additional identification for validation purposes.

  • The card is exclusively for the personal use and benefit of the person named and shown on the Card.


12) Loss or Theft of the Card:

  • We shall not be liable or responsible in any manner for loss / theft of or damage of the Card suffered during the period of membership.

  • Member should immediately notify our Customer Service Department of any loss or theft by email to

  • A nominal administrative fee of RM5 will be charged for the replacement of the Card and the old card will be terminated to prevent any unlawful transactions.

  • All details (including expiry date) and points will be transferred to the new card.


13) Privacy:

  • Members will receive special offers and updates from Sakae Sushi, as well as promotions from specially selected third parties via SMS or e-mail.


14) Property:

  • The Card shall remain the property of Apex-Pal (M) Sdn. Bhd. (634333-X) at all times.


15) Variations & Discretion:

  • The Management reserves the right to amend, withdraw, terminate, substitute or vary any of the privileges, card expiry date, as well as terms and conditions without prior notice.

  • The member warrants that all information and particulars contained in the Application or any other documents completed and submitted to Apex-Pal (M) Sdn. Bhd. (634333-X) are true and correct in all aspects.

  • The Management reserves the right to reject any Card Transaction which it deems fit, without assigning any reason(s) whatsoever.

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