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Ramen ラーメン

Chicken Teriyaki Ramen.jpg

Chicken Teriyaki Ramen RM20

Cheesy Dry Ramen.jpg

Cheesy Dry Ramen RM15.77

Gyoza Ramen.jpg

Gyoza Ramen RM21.07

Kaisen Dry Ramen.jpg

Kaisen Dry Ramen RM17.90

Tempura Ramen.jpg

Tempura Ramen RM20

Gyoza Dry Ramen.jpg

Gyoza Dry Ramen RM18.95

Udon / Chasoba うどん

Curry Chicken Udon.jpg

Curry Chicken Udon RM18.95

Nabeyaki Udon.jpg

Nabeyaki Udon RM18.95

Chicken Teriyaki Udon.jpg

Kitsune Udon RM14.71

Nabemono 鍋物

Gyoza Nabe.jpg

Gyoza Nabe RM 21.07

Salmon Kabuto Nabe.jpg

Salmon Kabuto Nabe RM 25.31

Kaisen Nabe.jpg

Kaisen Nabe RM 22.13

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